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Discover a service-focused approach that values customer needs, fosters long-term relationships, and empowers sales professionals across various industries. Unlock the power of connection and trust.

Our mission: A service-over-sales approach

Empowering Confident Sales through Engaging Connections

We equip sales professionals with the skills to connect, understand, and provide meaningful solutions. From transactions to trusted advisement, revolutionize your sales experience.

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Uncover the art of effective sales with our comprehensive method.

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More Than Techniques: We Foster Connection

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Meet Your Sales Transformation Coaches

Get to know the team of experts dedicated to guiding your sales evolution. These seasoned professionals have successfully navigated the sales landscape and are committed to passing their wisdom on to you.

Liz Trotter
Accountability Coach
Curious / Helpful / Direct

Liz is a dynamic entrepreneur and business strategist, the driving force behind Core Profit Builders. With an impressive track record in the business world, she has been at the helm of American Maid Service in Olympia, WA, since 1993, successfully overseeing operations as an absentee owner. Alongside her devoted husband, Tim, Liz is a real estate investor and developer who owns 120+ rentals.

As a Certified High-Performance Coach (CHPC), Liz uses her certification, along with extensive DISC training and three decades of experience in the cleaning industry, to help people at all levels "get out of their own way." Her passion for personal growth is reflected in her voracious reading habit, with Liz devouring an average of 100-150 books per year.

Dan Smith
Innovative Coach
Articulate / Technical / Versatile

Dan Smith is more than an entrepreneur—he's your business ally. Known for transforming the status quo with Home Maid Better, Dan is committed to taking businesses from good to inspirational. Having founded the company in 2016 in Oklahoma City, he used his technological prowess to elevate it from an idea to a booming local business in under five years.

His 2021 venture, Business Maid Better, is where he brings his valuable insights to your doorstep. As the principal technology translator, Dan provides consulting, sales enhancement, operational efficiency, and marketing solutions to supercharge your business vision and growth with your best interest at the forefront of the partnership.

Maria Dorian
Relationship Coach
Tenacious / Empathetic / Inclusive

Maria is an approachable and laid-back entrepreneur with a passion for selflessly supporting and helping other business owners realize their dreams through growing and scaling their businesses. She teaches maid service owners how to achieve a healthy work-life balance while avoiding the stress oftentimes associated with business ownership.

Her entrepreneurial journey began in Austin, Texas, where she masterfully grew her maid service from a mop and broom to an operation with over 30 employees through 14 years. During that time, she proudly co-founded Quality Driven, a software product that helps with internal and external feedback and reviews.

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