Unlocking Customer Needs with The Power of Effective Questioning:

Provide the customers with what they want

In sales, your role is to provide the customers with what they want and need, and matching those needs and wants to the product or service that best aligns with their objectives.

Among other key concepts, The Listening Sells courses teach just that:  How to use effective questioning to discern our clients’ authentic desires and challenges. By using the appropriate questions, at the right time, we help salespeople to excogitate the minds of their customers, fueling real discussions and creating long-lasting relationships.

Active Listening:

The key to understanding active listening is the art of getting into the minds of the customers. And the cool part - it’s actually rooted in science!

Essentially, active listening refers to what the client says overtly and what they fail to say. It means that we don’t just simply hear the sounds, it means that we are processing what is being said in an effective manner.

In our company, we follow a simple rule: we make the customers feel important by listening actively to what they express and responding with empathy. This strategy makes clients enjoy the process and engage with the sales personnel substantially.  Again, there is an actual science to it!

Probing for Insights:

Asking is the art that helps us find needs that are, at times, beyond the customer’s ability to express. By using open-ended questions at our company, we encourage our clients to probe deeper into their life goals and struggles. We are good at it; that means that we always get responses to our inquiries that are logical and useful in making the best solution.

Building Relationships:

Connecting and building trust in relationships begins with the first encounter that your customer has with your company. (Arguably though, even before that point!)  By showing that you care and are interested in the hearing the client and understanding their needs, sets the stage for an excellent long-term connection and relationship.

Asking the right questions

helps us prove to our customers that they are not a statistical probability, and we understand and have their needs at our best interests. We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach is not appropriate when it comes to meeting our customers’ needs. As a result, we dive deep with each paying customer extensively, create a game plan based on that customer’s stated needs, and create strategies and services that address their goals and challenges.

Our unique strategies

not only raise our client’s experiences but also influence our own achievements. We know that objections are normal during the sales process. Still, we regard them as possibilities to acquire a deeper understanding and reinforce our connection because they are an opportunity to interact more with our customers. We listen to our clients’ objectives and treat them empathically to demonstrate our wish to work together, propose novel alternatives, and assist our customers to grow with us.

In conclusion,

when sales people and companies properly invest in questioning and listening as selling practices, a private conversation is promoted. Listening Sells strengthens all aspects of sales success.  We are delighted to give our clients the tools and guidance essential to make productive sales. Learn how we can help you raise your revenue and improve your close rates by calling us at (949) 946-6673.

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